Our People

Ever start a job and your welcome was a bunch of blank stares and an empty cubicle? We've been there. How about leave a company and your last few weeks were you watching dust settle before walking out of there? Pretty wasteful of all that amazing knowledge you've got eh? Maybe you're a team leader who wants to ensure your newest team member gets a stellar welcome?
That's a struggle we know.

Aboard was formed around the want to help people leaders, managers, and employees avoid these πŸ‘† situations.

Lee MacDonald

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Lee MacDonald from Aboard

"Puts the POP in People Ops."

Evan Hallward

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Evan Hallward from Aboard

"Loves the sound of his voice,
it's a subtle baritone."

Margarita Asatrian


Margarita Asatrian from Aboard

"Did someone say blinchiki?"

Satvir Sandhu

Front End Developer

Maple Asatrian from Aboard

"Coca-Cola Zero Hero"

Paola Arrieta

Digital Marketing Intern

Margarita Asatrian from Aboard

"Bailando en tus
mensajes directos."


Moral Support Worker

Maple Asatrian from Aboard

"I enjoy the odd book."

Our Advisors

Darcy Clarke

Technical Advisor

Darcy Clarke

"npm install darcy"

Christine Song

HR Advisor

Christine Song

"I like people who make me laugh."