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Aboard’s 3 New Year Goals for 2021

2020 was a crazy year. I can imagine any new year goals you may have set did not include “attend 1,000 Zoom meetings”, “see how long I can wear these sweatpants for” or even “stay inside” (well, maybe some of our introvert readers had that last one in some form, you do you!). Aboard’s new year goal for 2020 was something along the lines of: become a real company! Job well done team ✅.

Rolling into 2021 feeling fancy!

Now we here at Aboard look forward to 2021 and are setting some new goals. Here are our 3 new year goals as a team and company for 2021!

Goal 1: Talk to customers

Whoa, a technology company that has a goal of talking to it’s customers? What a world. As we continue to “grow up” as a company, one thing that will remain consistent in 2021 is our goal of talking to our customers and users. These “talks” take the form of product demos, user interviews, good old fashion virtual coffees, and yes, even some sales calls. The Aboard team had a blast in 2020 connecting with so many passionate HR and people leaders (we wrote about that in our startup story) and are looking forward to continuing these activities in 2021 (and forever).

While it’s tough to say exactly how many of these conversations will take place, we expect it to be somewhere in the thousands. Having a terrible onboarding experience and need a friendly ear? We are here to listen.

Goal 2: MVP? More like VP!

Ever heard of Y Combinator? Their team famously produced the idea that the only 2 things a new (digital) business needs to do is 1) write code and 2) talk to users. Seeing as we covered talking to users above 👆, let’s touch on how we will continue to write code.

The end of 2020 saw the (first) launch of Aboard’s web platform. This minimum viable product (MVP) was a functional and interactive realization of designs we tested with over 50 HR and people leaders. The feedback we received was super helpful in knowing what needed to be built out and implemented to create a truly valuable and competitive product.

Our 2021 goal is to deliver the sought after features and functionality so we can drop the ‘M’ and simply have the viable product that will help organizations with their new employee onboarding (and beyond).

Goal 3: Let’s talk numbers

We’ll make the disclaimer here that there are numerous amazing, lean, and innovative ways to start a business, some that include external capital, and some that do not.

With that said, Aboard’s last goal in 2021 is to secure some amount of startup capital. Now there are about 3 to 4 distinct goals raising this capital would help accelerate or enable, but the idea here is that we find that (first) pot of gold this year. As a company, we’ve learned a lot about the fundraising process and got our feet wet in late 2020. We’ve also paired this with applications to a few notable accelerators (which we will keep applying to so they better pay attention). Lastly, we’ve done the research on government programs and support systems. All together, Aboard is feeling confident about our ability to find some way to fuel our business.

In conclusion…

There you have it, 3 distinct new year goals for Aboard in 2021:

  1. Talk to users
  2. Build product
  3. Raise capital

We know what many of you may be thinking: what a unique, innovative, and truly never before seen list of goals for a startup. Well you know what they say right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We will of course add our own Aboard touch and approach to each of the above goals (for those of you on Evan’s email lists, expect this to be the year of video messages), but all in all, we’re aiming to keep things clear, and simple. Hopefully you are as excited for the year ahead as we are!

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